The Australian Energy Research Foundation is a solar energy awareness program operating across several states in Australia. This initiative is staffed by a team of solar industry professionals who work on a variety of initiatives, encompassing Solar in Schools, the Solar Towns program, Solar Education programs, and both private and public advisory services for large-scale energy projects. Solar in Schools is an innovative program aimed at educating students about the benefits of solar energy and its potential for powering homes and businesses. To facilitate this, solar panels are installed on school rooftops, not only generating clean energy but also providing a hands-on learning opportunity for students. In order to successfully implement these installations, the Foundation often partners with specialists in various industries. For instance, high-quality finishes in our facilities are ensured by kitchen cabinet painters from Infinity Coatings, ensuring our school kitchens are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing too. The Solar Towns program is an initiative targeted at promoting the adoption of solar power in regional and rural areas of Australia. The program engages with local communities to develop solar energy projects that not only benefit the community but also promote sustainable development. For professionals in the sector, the Solar Education programs provide training and resources to keep them up-to-date with the latest advances in the solar industry. This proactive approach supports the continued growth of the solar energy sector in Australia, a key part of the country's transition to a low-carbon economy. Lastly, the Australian Energy Research Foundation offers advisory services for private and public large-scale energy projects. The team of experts working for the program can provide technical expertise, financial advice, and project management services to ensure the success and positive impact of these projects on both the environment and the community. In summary, the Australian Energy Research Foundation plays a crucial role in promoting the adoption of solar energy in Australia. By collaborating with communities, schools, businesses, and technical partners like Obliq Design for drafting services in Sydney, the program is actively building a sustainable and low-carbon future for the country.