Autonomous Energy’s Expertise Demonstrated in the Implementation of Australia’s Third-Largest Industrial-Scale Solar System for Toyota

In 2013, Toyota’s Australian division enlisted the services of Autonomous Energy to install a 500 kW photovoltaic solar power system on the Powertrain Factory building at the Altona North plant in Melbourne. Following extensive planning, design, and engineering preparations, the system, which utilizes Kyocera solar panels and a groundbreaking centralized inverter/transformer by ABB, was completed and activated in May of 2014.

The project presented numerous challenges that required creative solutions, such as constructing more than a kilometre of new walkways to access the factory’s roof, designing custom stillages and trolleys to store and maneuver the panels, and ensuring each string of solar modules was electrically isolated and labeled for easy maintenance. Autonomous Energy’s technical expertise and attention to safety management, a crucial concern for Toyota, were instrumental in the successful completion of the project, which stands as Victoria’s largest PV system and Australia’s third-largest roof-mounted PV system.

By Martin

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